Insurance+Cabbie If you take a look at the cab aggregator market in India, drivers could have a challenging road ahead – with increased competition, narrowing margins, and work days that go into the wee hours of the night. (That’s if you only see yourself as a cabbie behind the wheel.)

The need to survive can sometimes lead to new ways of looking at the dashboard. Cabbies who are proactive and innovative manage to stay ahead of the race – the others fall by the wayside.

Not too long ago, I found a genuinely friendly person behind the wheel. He was armed with a flask of hot coffee, and the day’s newspapers which were tucked into a neat pouch behind the front seats.

In between sips of coffee and me catching up on the headlines, this chap managed to get through to me in an almost non-intrusive kind of way. And during the course of our conversation, he got to know everything about me. What I did for a living, what investments I had made over the years, and what I did with any surplus (if there was any.)

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