What is “Indian Ink” all about ?

sb_paul01-1Is this a writer’s pixel muse ? Does the copywriter in me come out of the woodwork ? Is this a repository for articles that didn’t make printer’s ink ?

Well, I’d like to think of it as an “open house” for just about anybody who stops by. Writers, who have been there, done that. My English teacher from school, who might just want to pull out her tweaker. Friends, who might have a nice word. The wife, if she’s forgotten what I want to do for a living. And yes, the focus groups with whom I eventually hope to make my second million : content buyers, magazine editors, portal specifiers, clients with pots of money and a big idea.

Welcome home.

4 thoughts on “About Indian Ink

  1. Dear sir,
    I happened to read ur blog about Karunashrya..I just happened to visit Karunashrya last month regarding my thesis..Am a final year student of architecture and i chose to design a hospice for people affected by muscular dystrophy…I have visited many hospices in Tamilnadu and kerala..But karunashrya was the best among all..I spent about 5 hrs there and i was so relaxed and am sure the people felt the same there who were spending thier last days..and had a chance to speak to some patients…i was really touched and it brought tears to my eyes..I was inspired to take up a hospice as my project when i was inspired by seeing an article bout Karunashrya in “Inside outside magazine” in the year 2000…Our country does need place s like this to care for the terminally ill..and am planning to be a volunteer soon after my studies in a hospice.

  2. Dear Sharath,

    I am Romita from IPAN Public Relations, the India PR wing of JWT (www.ipan.com)

    I write to you on behalf of one of my client Intel Corporation, worlds leading silicon innovator and chipmaker.

    Intel is launching its new integrated, global, marketing campaign in India.

    We wanted to invite you for a select meeting with Mr. Prakash Bagri, Director-Marketing, Intel South Asia in Bangalore to get an innsight into the idea behind the new campaign : “Sponsors of Tomorrow”

    Would appreciate if you could share your contact details with us to take things forward.

    Would really appreciate a prompt reply.

    Best Regards,
    Romita Kumar
    IPAN Public Relations & Public Affairs,

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