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Another beautifully rendered video by Vihan Damaris. We asked her what inspired her to do this, and why she picked this song.

I heard this song by Hollyn (a new Christian artist), and something about the genre and vocal style struck a chord in me that few Christian songs out there do. Not to mention the lyrics which, combined with the music, exhibit a strangely appealing mix of fierce vulnerability.

I had to do it.

Though it was different from what I’ve done before, it felt true, like I was unearthing a part of me that was waiting its turn. The video again tries to capture that wild spirit realizing its own mortality and pleading to be embraced by its maker rather than being left alone. In fact, I had to lock myself into a room of a room to be able to film the desperation that could be if I really was deserted by God. It’s a desperation that throws to the wind any trace of self consciousness that might have otherwise been there.

In the video there are many takes put together which you could say are different parts of me all joining hands in that one request- that God would not leave me alone with myself.

We interviewed Vihan in January this year
on the Big on Talent blog – here’s the link to the interview:

Talking to Vihan Damaris

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