Ideas for a changing world


Economic slowdown, recession, downturn, pink slips, credit squeeze, cash crunch … these are not just phrases you hear these days, but a situation that’s real. Not a bad dream, because if you pinch yourself, it hurts.

So, where do we go from here?

The Economic Times just put a whole new initiative in place called The Power of Ideas. An exciting platform that encourages people with “entrepreneurial dreams” to bring in their ideas. If the ideas submitted go through Round One, they will be honed and validated by industry mentors and eventually presented to the single largest group of investors for funding.

All this, just to prove a point that these are still good times to start a business, or grow a business. All you need is a good idea that will fly.

The Power of Ideas is a unique sharing platform, with the express objective of making ideas work in the real world. At another level, this initiative by The Economic Times brings industry leaders together at different locations in India, to discuss the challenges to survival and growth – in what has been described as the worst recession in a hundred years.

Here’s my take on the panel discussion, held on the 12th of February, 2009.

Competition as a market force

It’s interesting to view competition as a market force and a business driver. And this is true with just about any kind of business – right from mom-n-pop stores to swank large footprint retailers. This post on businessgyan is a personal view from my corner office.

Competition & Complacency
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Sharath Bhat

Teach them young …

Here’s a project I helped my daughter with, that can be a useful eye-opener for just about anyone. The project was on street vendors. And the brief : logically flowchart a street vendor’s activities and examine sales, profitability and cash-in-hand.

Why have I called this article “Rotten Tomatoes” ?
Read on.

Rotten Tomatoes (Click to read)

Sharath Bhat

Clients & Numerology

I find numerology fascinating, because there is a
logical progression in words adding up to numbers.

However, this may not always be relevant in a field
like advertising, where you need to look at other key
influencers as well. This is where clients sometimes
stray into the comfort zone of numerology.

You could read more in this article of mine

Clients & Numerology (Click to read)

Sharath Bhat

Clients & Deadlines

Do clients ever bother with a reality check on time available
and things to achieve ? Sounds like wishful thinking.

I have yet to meet a client who gives a job the time it deserves,
with a margin for changes and course corrections.

It is strange that the one factor that can actually improve
the quality of the deliverable, is the one that a client will
cut corners on.

If you’ve got the time, there’s more in
this article on

Clients & Deadlines (Click to read)

Sharath Bhat

Business Gyan

There’s a whole new world behind the counters of small businesses.

Do they make decisions on-the-fly. Does “profit” mean a large
chunk of the pie ? How do they cut costs ? How do they get
a better handle on the business ?

Here’s one inside story that can be categorized under :
What They Don’t Teach You in Business School.

More in my article on
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Sharath Bhat