Post Article Syndrome

When I hit the “publish” button on my Up For Grabs article, I didn’t realize that life would never be the same again.

My mailboxes are overflowing. My phone hasn’t stopped ringing. I feel weighed down by people just wanting to get in touch. (These are people on my mailing list who have been dormant for years.)

Why do they want to re-connect ? Simple : they want to know when I’m going to that restaurant again with my prized collection of glossies.

So here’s some advice. Don’t go ecstatic the moment you see a brown paper envelope on one of the tables. It could be somebody’s notes on how to de-worm a pet rock.

Sharath Bhat

Up for grabs !

My wife and I were defragmenting our garage – which meant throwing out everything that was more than 10 years old. Including my prized collection of Playboy magazines.

While that was heart-breaking, I decided to have a little fun on
the side. There’s more in this article of mine on Sulekha.

Up for grabs (Click to read)

Sharath Bhat

Trickle me down

The summer’s here and things are getting hotter
in Bangalore !

How are things in the “burra sahib towns” ? What was
it like in the sepia print days ? How have times changed ?
Are we getting a wee bit irresponsible on the water front ?

Here’s my version. This article is posted on

Trickle me down
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Sharath Bhat