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THIS SIDE UP … why perspective is an important viewpoint


How your brand can be a friend in need . . .

What do you do, when you find harassed automobile owners driving to the far ends of their patience to find parking slots? See how S-OIL in South Korea turned innovative thinking into problem solving. Was this a brand visibility exercise?

Maybe, maybe not.

S-OIL’s floating balloon campaign demonstrates how you can take a major bugbear and make it stand on its head. Watch the video to see how this happens, without smart electronics or hi-tech gadgetry. All it took was a floating balloon, on a string.

Store design in the picture book world of kids


Here’s a good example of how you can work with project teams to map the desired visual effects inside a store. Especially when you’re in a retail space that’s highly competitive.

On a recent project for an exclusive clothing store for kids, our prime objective was to make the interiors as child-friendly as possible. Our internal brief to designers and project partners placed an emphasis on this aspect, especially in terms of product display ideas, graphics and messaging.

What you see in the picture is a changing room, that’s designed like a wigwam. One of the many ideas at the store that emerge from the picture-book world of kids.

The idea was to make a departure from functional design sets for the changing rooms, to something that would be a natural extension of the carefully planned visual cues for the store.

The wigwam changing room has become so popular at the store, that parents have a hard time getting their kids out. One of the parents even asked us if the “wigwam” was for sale.