Red-letter day


My daughter is 16, and on Cloud Nine because Valentine’s is around the corner. Ever since she turned 10, Radhika has been collecting gifts, cards and sweet nothings that fill the air around the 14th of February.

According to her, the generation gap is a convenient excuse to say “NO” to just about anything she wants, or wants to do. She also thinks 50-year-olds can be light years away from teenage crushes and fond glances that find their way into greeting cards.

So, even before I can recover from the recessionary spiral of January, we’re headlong into month two, running smack into Valentine’s. The girls are like goggle-eyed teenagers surrounded by fireflies, and the jabber-jabber on the phone threatens to spike my phone bills once again.

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Losing a client and keeping a friend

I’m in advertising – which by default is a volatile business. Especially because the pace is hectic and the demands on your time, always on stretch mode. It’s a playing ground where tempers fray, decibel levels go up and you just might say or do something that you’re going to regret. This article of mine on “Tickled for Life” is about how I took the first step in mending a relationship with a client – a relationship that went sour over a small, meaningless non-issue. It’s about taking the first step to make friends, all over again.

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The new year – a good time for healing old hurts.”