Old dog. Can do new tricks.

Scratch my thinker.
I have always seen myself as a strong ideas man. Believer in lateral thinking. I also think that no product / concept / idea ever reaches its final stage of design evolution. (The world’s best mousetrap is still on my drawing board.)

I also enjoy playing “sounding board” on concepts and ideas – helping team members evolve new strategies, keeping realistic inputs in mind.

Mind over matter.
I’m a constructive problem solver. Can sharp focus team dynamics to improve end product, while monitoring a job right through the phases of creative evolution and production.

* Natural motivator – helping work associates discover hidden strengths or maybe chart fresh career paths.

* Good team player – easy to work with. No barriers in terms of grey hair or experience.

* Another strength of mine is clarity in analyzing a communications problem / task.

Qwerty plus.
* Hardworking writing skills. Extremely exacting on reviews/evaluation of my own work or the work of team members.

* Fine eye for detail and fine-tuning creative.
Can provide clarity in analyzing a communications problem / task.

* Provide constructive inputs on offline print media. Corporate brochures, vertical market brochures, product level brochures, annual reports, etc.

* Provide broad-spectrum inputs on online media. Web content writing, specialized newsletters, promotion ideas, a good sounding board on design and feedback from the virtual world

* Interact with advertising agencies / participate in briefing sessions, reviews, campaign planning.

* Interact with design teams on formats for corporate identity, recruitment advertising, outdoor/indoor signage.

Before I dig my grave.
* I’d like to start a copy school. Or work with an online academy to train young copywriters and art directors.

* Use internet technologies to hone my writing skills. Network
with peer groups all over the world and share my experience with
upcoming talent.

* Work with a market research agency on projects that involve pre-testing
and post testing of creative work.

* Work with an experienced psycho-therapist to counsel and help
creative people – especially those with work related problems .

3 thoughts on “Old Dog

  1. Loved your blog. I especially enjoyed the one on your “murder-in-Law” (as I like to affectionately call that species) and the one about the covers! Ha! Fantastic read!

  2. Sharat has forgotten to add one of his greatest expertise: He is a great product designer.

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