What’s your customer saying about you?


Just found a group on facebook set up by irate customers of a taxicab service in Bangalore – it already has 400 members. If I were connected with customer support at the company, I would probably join this group to listen to their side of the story. If you jump in early, you might even help prevent serious action from customers who have probably tried other avenues to seek help or redressal.

It’s not going to be easy because you become a sitting duck, straight away. On facebook, you may not hear angry decibels, but you’re right in the middle of missiles flying in from all directions. Use the comment interface on the group to respond to queries or complaints. Always give a fair and honest response, even though you may not be able to handle all complaints at one go.

In a situation like this, you need active support from your organization, with a process in place to react quickly and constructively. You also need a corrective mechanism that can address each complaint in a fair and responsible manner.

The number on this group when I last checked was around 400. With a digital implosion, this figure could soon grow to 4000 – maybe more. Bringing together other people having issues with cab services in general, and angry enough to take a pot shot at anybody – beginning with you.

For a start just place one ear (at least) to the ground and see if you can detect any rumblings around your service or brand. If you do, say a small prayer and get into rescue mode – sooner than later.

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What young vacation seekers say about timeshare . . .


For my monthly Q&A interview on the AIRDA website, I spoke to a young group of vacation seekers about timeshare benefits and features. They gave me some very useful feedback, on planning your vacation, splitting your week into shorter getaways and upgrading your allotted facility to a higher plan or accommodation. They also talked about the one thing that adds the icing on the cake during a holiday – FOOD.

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Have you got a travelogue to share with us?

Everybody has a story to tell, when it comes to travel

The “conversations” section on the AIRDA website is over five years old. We’ve had sessions with CEOs, business heads, independent consultants and other professionals who are connected with the timeshare industry in some way. We have also talked to customers from different age groups – our oldest is 87 years old and still looking forward to her next holiday. Our youngest was 13 when we spoke to him three years ago – at 16, he’s considering rapid-river-rafting on his next holiday.

This post is about inviting people like you for instance. Especially if you have an observation to make, a story to share, or constructive feedback to offer. We’re also looking forward to conversations with professionals and stakeholders in the industry.

Have you got a story to share with us?

Group for timeshare professionals on facebook

Rajeev Sanwariya starts a timeshare professionals group on facebook


Rajeev Sanwariya is an experienced Sales & Marketing professional from the hospitality industry. His experience spans Onsite Sales, Direct Sales and Venue Sales addressing B2B and B2C markets. Interestingly, he has been in the timeshare space for around 15 years – having worked for The Resort Country Club, Mahindra Holidays and Sterling Holidays.

This Q&A session is about a very useful platform that Rajeev has created on facebook – to bring together all professionals in the timeshare industry. We now chat with Rajeev on the objectives behind setting up this group and how it might help the timeshare community.

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Finding new ways to market and sell your product

Chef Vijay Bakshi at his new cafe in Indiranagar


One of the people I met at my new café was a young bubbly chap marketing timeshare for his company. As we chatted about sales, marketing and converting prospects, something interesting fell into place. The kind of people in his target group were the kind of parents who would have their children’s parties at my café.

A kid’s birthday party creates an atmosphere where parents are relaxed and in the right frame of mind for interactions. It gives you the right place, the right time and the right opportunity to showcase what you have to offer.

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Which way are you heading on your next holiday?

Club Mahindra Cherai Beach, near Cochin


The sparkling waters of the Cherai are a breathtaking confluence of lakes, lagoons and canals. Nestling between an idyllic beach and a lagoon, the resort is a magical destination for anyone looking for more than just a holiday on a calendar. That’s the place to go if you’re looking for nature’s green carpet as a setting and the calming therapeutics of Kerala’s backwaters. On the TripAdvisor website, 82% ranked this resort at #2 of 4 hotels in Cherai Beach.

For our Q&A of the month, we meet four young professionals who drove down to Cherai Beach and found the experience rejuvenating. We talk to hotelier Shashank Shetty from Kolhapur, chartered accountant Nischith Shetty from Dubai, Ulhaas Joseph who is a business analyst in Bangalore and Philip Joseph who works in the travel industry. These are old friends who got together after a long time and decided to catch up on their worlds at a setting that allowed them to do just that.

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